System Design

Whether you’re starting a new business, or upgrading a current one, our experience will help you design the perfect HVAC or refrigeration system for your needs. Our system design and service teams work with our customers to improve efficiency, overall performance, increase equipment life and reduce repair costs. The Phoenix Refrigeration Engineering and Design team will tailor a system to meet business and operations specific needs and requirements.  It is our goal to achieve the highest return on investment on each and every project we are entrusted with.

Let our experience work for you, finishing your project on time and on budget. At Phoenix Refrigeration, we have a staff of expert system designers and system engineers to develop complete commercial and industrial HVAC, food service, or refrigeration systems. From system and equipment layouts to money-saving energy enhancements, we have the tools and capabilities to tackle any project. Our team will assess your needs and determine the best plan of action to ensure that our system design fulfills your HVAC, refrigeration, or food-service project.

Refrigeration and HVAC System Remodels

At times, refrigeration or HVAC systems need to be remodeled. We handle remodels with ease, helping to expand a company’s HVAC system to handle growth, revamping a store’s existing system, or replacing fixtures. We are experts at running and coordinating remodeling efforts, from equipment upgrades and finish improvements, to full-blown facility expansions. Your remodel will be finished both on time and on budget. Let our experience work for you.

Case Studies

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