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Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration Systems are essential in the preservation of product integrity in Supermarkets, Processing Plants, Warehouses, Restaurants and a multiude of other applications.

These systems coming in a variety of designs and applications such as:

Parallel Racks Distributed Systems Second Nature
Open Drive Systems Mechanical Enclosures

Phoenix Refrigeration, Inc can design your refrigeration system to meet you specific requirements whether they are:

  • Energy Efficient Technology
  • Refrigerant Charge Management
  • Direct or Secondary Coolant Applications
  • Waste Heat Applications
  • Heat Reclaim Systems
  • System Location Complexities
  • System Design Temperatures
  • System Load Requirements
  • Refrigeration Rack Control Systems

These considerations will have a direct impact on your business performance, customer satisfaction and operating costs. Contact Phoenix Refrigeration to discuss the Refrigeration Systems options that are available to meet your specific requirements.

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